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We are a team of award-winning videographers and editors working with people and on productions that inspire us | Welcome to the lab.
Ads | LF Gaming Commercial
Budo Brothers Product
DRUM N DJ Entertainment
DWK Interiors Promotional
Finance | Pinnacle Digest Corporate
FREEMAN | JJ Shiplett Entertainment
G-TECH Apparel
Graduating Class of 2020 | Access52 Education
Keystone XL Tour Energy
Police Memorial Event
Premier Jason Kenney Short Documentary
Regional Tourism | LSAC Tourism
Renfrew Educational Services Promotional
Southern Alberta Tour | Gov of AB Government
Trickle Creek Corporate

Calgary Video Production Company

Premium Video. Painless Production.

At Vek Labs, we are a Calgary video production company that prides ourselves by offering production services to agencies, companies and organizations who want to create cinematic productions without hassle. We reverse-engineer a custom solution for your video project; consulting your budget, timeline and creative vision throughout the entire process.

Our Guarantee

When specified, we deliver a RAW video render of all usable content to you within 24 hours of filming at no additional cost.

Lab Metrics

  • 687 Projects Filmed
  • 1687 Videos Rendered
  • 71 TB
    Footage Processed
  • 13 M+
    Content Views
  • Statistics updated annually after review of all projects worked on at Vek Labs from December 2017 to current year-end.

    Core Team

    Andrew Peloso

    Managing Director
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    Andrew Peloso

    Managing Director

    Cinematography, Audio Production

    Andrew founded Vek Labs December 2017 with a clear mandate to bring cinematic visuals to the corporate and documentary space. Prior to Vek Labs, Andrew worked as a designer for over 10 years focusing on UX/UI, branding, editorial and audio production, Andrew lived in Rome, Italy, working as a marketing consultant for a variety of non-profits and institutions; including the Holy See. He is most passionate about seeing video productions and musical scores synthesize into unique stories.

    Jon Cubid

    Senior Editor
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    Jon Cubid

    Senior Editor

    Post-Production and Narrative, Motion Graphics

    Video, design and the creative arts has been a passion of Jon’s since he was a child. He loves to create projects that are both exciting and gripping. Jon has experience as a videographer, editor, and graphic designer working on a wide array of videos ranging from hip-hop music videos, corporate branding videos, and longer feature-length projects. When he’s not putting an edit together, Jon can be found playing guitar & getting inspired for edits on Netflix.

    Riley Patten

    Director of Photography
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    Riley Patten

    Director of Photography

    Filming and Production Management, Pre-Production Development

    From filming his friends skateboarding as a kid, Riley soon realized his passion for cameras was going to last a lifetime. Riley studied film and video production at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Before joining Vek Labs, Riley worked in the post-production department for Fargo Season 3. From there he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to join the west coast film scene as an on-set dailies operator and digital imaging technician. Riley’s desire to capture meaningful moments is demonstrated by the sheer amount of time he spends on-set; designing each shot.


    Some of the clients we have had the privilege of creating with.