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We are a team of award-winning videographers and editors working with people and on productions that inspire us | Welcome to the lab.
10 Years | CDN Controls Ltd. Corporate
Ads | LF Gaming Commercial
Alberta Carbon Trunk Line Energy
Banff & Lake Louise Tourism | REEL Tourism
Budo Brothers Product
Calgary Flames X Jarod Joseph Sports
DRUM N DJ Entertainment
DWK Interiors Promotional
Finance | Pinnacle Digest Corporate
FREEMAN | JJ Shiplett Entertainment
G-TECH Apparel
Graduating Class of 2020 | Access52 Education
Keystone XL Tour Energy
NWR | Sturgeon Refinery Energy
Police Memorial Event
Premier Jason Kenney Short Documentary
Regional Tourism | LSAC Tourism
Renfrew Educational Services Promotional
Southern Alberta Tour | Gov of AB Government
Trickle Creek Corporate

Cutting-edge Film & Storytelling For Businesses.

Premium Video. Painless Production.

At Vek Labs, we are a video production company that prides ourselves by offering production services to agencies, companies and organizations who want to create cinematic productions without hassle. We reverse-engineer a custom solution for your video project; consulting your budget, timeline and creative vision throughout the entire process.

Our Guarantee

When specified, we deliver a curated-RAW video render of all usable content to you within 24 hours of filming at no additional cost.

Lab Metrics

  • 687 Projects Filmed
  • 1687 Videos Rendered
  • 71 TB
    Footage Processed
  • 13 M+
    Content Views
  • Statistics updated annually after review of all projects worked on at Vek Labs from December 2017 to current year-end.

    Video Marketing Services

    Vek Labs specializes in producing video content for companies from nearly any industry in Calgary and across Alberta. We have worked on video marketing projects for the entertainment industry, corporate companies, oil & gas companies, and political campaigns. How can we help you create a visually stunning piece of film to help market your company or project? Contact us today to find out.

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    Professional Film Production Services

    The Vek Labs crew is filled with professional film producers, editors, photographers, talent, and uses only the finest equipment available on the market today. Our team can help you get the most out of your video, increasing your engagement and views online or on the television screen.

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    Post-Production Services

    Our expert editors can transform your footage with advanced video finishing, sound editing, and motion graphics techniques. This is where the magic happens, and allows us to create a breathtaking experience that our directors and writers intended.

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    Core Team

    Andrew Peloso

    Founder / Director
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    Andrew Peloso

    Founder / Director

    Cinematography, Writing, Direction

    Andrew founded Vek Labs December 2017 with a clear mandate to bring cinematic visuals to the corporate and documentary space. Prior to Vek Labs, Andrew worked as a designer for over 10 years focusing on UX/UI, branding, editorial and audio production, Andrew lived in Rome, Italy, working as a marketing consultant for a variety of non-profits and institutions; including the Holy See. He is most passionate about seeing video productions and musical scores synthesize into unique stories.

    Riley Patten

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    Riley Patten


    Principal Photography and Production Management, Pre-Production Development

    From filming his friends skateboarding as a kid, Riley soon realized his passion for cameras was going to last a lifetime. Riley studied film and video production at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Before joining Vek Labs, Riley worked in the post-production department for Fargo Season 3. From there he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to join the west coast film scene as an on-set dailies operator and digital imaging technician. Riley’s desire to capture meaningful moments is demonstrated by the sheer amount of time he spends working with clients to design every moment captured.

    Jon Cubid

    Post-Supervisor / Sr. Editor
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    Jon Cubid

    Post-Supervisor / Sr. Editor

    Post-Production and Narrative, Motion Graphics

    Video, design and the creative arts has been a passion of Jon’s since he was a child. He loves to create projects that are both exciting and gripping. Jon has experience as a videographer, editor, and graphic designer working on a wide array of videos ranging from hip-hop music videos, corporate branding videos, and longer feature-length projects. When he’s not putting an edit together, Jon can be found playing guitar & getting inspired for edits on Netflix.


    Some of the clients we have had the privilege of creating with.