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Having successfully produced hundreds of video projects for our clients, Vek Labs brings refined problem-solving and creative solutions when filming a wide range of content. At Vek Labs our motto is “Premium Video. Painless Production." and we live by this statement. The film industry has been changing. Gone are the days of burdensome processes and conventions. As leaders in the new era of video production, we balance quality, time, and cost for the benefit of our clients.

Video is one of the strongest forms of content available for marketers to use in today’s digital landscape. People from all generations are consuming more and more video content with every year that passes. The explosion of smart device popularity and their increased connection capabilities have allowed for video to become the number 1 form of content online. From streaming networks to YouTube, millions of people lie in your wake, waiting to watch your video!

Calgary’s Video Production Experts

Using cutting-edge technology and filming techniques our team ensures you are getting the best results; ALWAYS. We are constantly reinvesting in our video production workflow and techniques to bring value to those we serve.

Our videos have a proven track record of bringing results to our clients. We strive to curate online the finest content for the businesses that work with us. Videos are not a small investment either, you want to make sure you hire the best to get the job done. Vek Labs has shown that our creative team is filled with the correct amount of expertise to drive engagement and user retention through your video. This will drive up sales, increase brand recognition, build trustworthiness and authority within your industry, and establish you as someone your competition doesn’t want to mess with!

Some of the ways we stand out from the crowd of videographers in Calgary is our premium equipment, passionate drive, and most of all - our team of creative virtuosos that dominate every project that comes their way and exceed expectations at any given chance.

Video Production Stages

In order to properly understand the different steps involved with video production, we need to go over the full scope of how we deal with your project. From planning your vision to the final editing stages; Vek Labs will walk you through our process one step at a time.

Pre-Production Stage

The first step in our journey is capturing your vision and plan exactly how the video will play out over the course of our journey together. We will create a captivating story that drives emotion and takes the viewer throughout the video. Next, we will draft up a fascinating script that helps encapsulate the theme and vision of the story for our talent to use. Afterward, we will make sure all resources are allocated properly so that the location, talent, and any props or equipment are handled with care.

Check out our Pre-Production Services page for more information.

Production Stage

The second step is the actual creation of the video. We will take the story we created in the pre-production stage, and bring it to life using our finest equipment, talent, and resources available. Vek Labs has a powerful set of tools at its disposal, being able to capture some of the highest-quality video and sound footage around. We will utilize this to the best of our degree, capturing your raw footage and preparing it for the final stages of the production process.

Post-Production Stage

Our editors are some of the best in the biz! We can take your raw footage and transform your reels into the story you have been dreaming about. Our editors do everything they can to make sure your video fully lives up to the vision it was created under.

Using the latest in video editing technology, we can create motion graphics elements that make your video stand out from the competition. We can create voiceovers that stay true to the theme of the video. On top of this, we can polish and fine-tune the content using color grading and sound effect techniques that bolster the emotional feel and impact of your video.

Check out our Post-Production Services page for more information.

The Vek Labs Advantage

Vek Labs is an award winning video production company with a long-standing reputation for providing top-notch quality work for its clients. Now that you have seen our process, its time to show you how we live up to our motto of providing premium videos with painless production. Talk to one of our creative experts today to determine if you’re ready to elevate your content to new heights. Our video production services will help you raise views on any platform you desire, capture more customers and sales, drive brand recognition, and more.

Vek Labs provides a passionate team of diligent and worthy creators that have proven time and time again that they know their craft. Contact us today to learn more information!

Vek Labs - Shooting Specifications:

We can adapt to a wide variety of filming scenarios. From the corporate office to remote travel expeditions, our team is ready to bring quality capture to your project.

1. 4K UHD Video Capture: Both RAW Capture Ready, or 4K 10-bit 422, XAVC

2. Slow-Motion Capture: 60 & 120 FPS

3. 4K Aerial Cinematography

4. Multi-Camera Interview and Scene Filming // Cam A, B & C

5. Pro-Audio Equipment Wireless Lav & Boom Capable

6. Sony Professional Series Photography Cameras

7. Commercial Drone Pilots on Staff

8. Pro Studio Lighting

9. Travel-Ready Crew for Video Tours and Documentary Filming: Domestic Canada, and International.

We are excited to hear from you and discuss your next video project.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime! Even if you would just like to have a quick consultation or need some advice, we value the opportunity to speak with you!