Promotional Content

Specializing in B2B services, Vek Labs will work with your team to plan, script, capture and produce content to be distributed. Our filming methodology allows you to maximize the content captured for longer cycles than our competitors. By curating content for usability, we partner with you to future-proof your objectives, engaging your customers for a longer period.

Product Marketing

Are you an e-commerce or online entity that is looking to design new content? We have you covered. Vek Labs tailors visuals for all of your products to capture video and photos that are rendered perfectly for your website or ad campaign. We take pride in our turn-around times, making sure you never miss launch day. Give your products the polish it deserves!


Looking to get your message out? Vek Labs has experience working with broadcast, distribution and filming for commerical projects. We will ensure your product, service or event does not go unnoticed.

Regional Marketing Tours

Municipalities, regions and communities outside of metroplolitian cores often go unnoticed. We work with hand-picked partners to maximize economic development initiatives. Crafting video and photography tours for your region, we produce the stories you want to distribute to your community. This is particularly useful for communities looking to bolster tourism, attract job creators, and encourage development.

Corporate Documentaries

For companies looking to attract more investment, protect investor confidence or tell a deeper story of their corporate history, look no further. For years Vek Labs has been partnering with busineesses to tell mid-length (10-20 minute) stories for stakeholders.

Government Relations: Content

Our team has in-depth experience working with parties, governing bodies and political leaders through all stages of the political cycle. We have found most political content all too often misses emotive moments, sacrifices storytelling for expediency, and little is done to build a robust content library for years to come. We provide a team of photographers and videographers who achieve 24 hour turn around times, content curation and archival services, and rapid response editing for even the most daunting campaigns.

Monthly Content For Social Media

Corporations realize there is a demand for content creation on a fixed schedule for online platforms. Vek Labs offers affordable packages to provide a set number of videos and photos for regular posting schedules. On time, on budget, and ON BRAND! If you are ready to dive into the pro-level content space, we would love to talk. Want proof? Take a look at any of our social media platforms and you will see consistent, on brand content that continues to protect our client relationships, and revenue streams.

White-Label Production Services

If you are an agency, brand, company or magazine that is looking to grow your revenue stream, Vek Labs wants to partner with you to provide more to your clients. If you need a video production crew that can travel, a team to call when your team is too busy; we are here to help you. You don’t have to do everything on your own, and we love assisting great companies!