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Calgary 10/22/20

The 5 Best Calgary Skyline Photo Spots

With the blend of modern architecture and nature’s beauty, the city of Calgary offers a unique subject for a photograph. There are many viewpoints and hidden gems where you can capture some of the best skyline views of Calgary’s distinctive beauty.

In this article, we’re sharing some of Calgary’s most famous photographers' secret spots for taking the best skyline photo of Calgary.

Highlighting the Saddledome

If you’re looking to get a great shot of the Saddledome, Scotsman’s Hill in Ramsay is the best spot. You can get a variety of shots of Calgary from the park during both the daytime and nighttime.

More specifically, the best place to capture the iconic Saddledome with the Calgary skyline and the Rocky Mountains backdrop is at the top of the stairs to ENMAX Park and the stampede grounds from Scotsman’s Hill. This is an amazing spot to capture a great sunset that sets directly behind the skyline. As well as getting a great shot of the stampede fireworks. There are a number of access points to get this amazing view. There is walking access from Ramsay Street SE, Burns Rd SE / Salisbury Ave SE, or the steps from Enmax Park / Elbow River Pathway.

As well as, parking available around the off-street neighborhoods. There are even access-friendly points and off-leash areas nearby for everyone to enjoy.

Downtown View of Calgary

Depending on the type of snapshot you want to get, there are many places to get a killer shot of downtown Calgary. If you’re looking to capture Calgary’s natural features such as the bow river and contrasting tree colors with the skyline, then the Bow River Pathway is what you’re looking for.

Though you won’t get an elevated vantage point, you’ll still capture the city’s skyline with a beautiful natural frame. This spot is only accessible through the Bow River Paths located along Memorial Drive. The specific spot where this photo was taken can be found along Memorial Drive going on the northern embankment of the Bow River near Crowchild Trail.

Unfortunately, there is no view from this car here as you need to walk along the path to access these points. However, there is parking available near Broadview Park and only on-leash areas.

Another great spot of the city is from Nose Hill Park.

Nose Hill Park

Nose Hill Park is one of the largest parks in Calgary and offers an amazing view of the entire city. The park has a great off-leash area and bike trails when you’re looking to get away in the outdoors but not stray too far away from the city.

There’s a small free parking lot right at the start of the trails. Also, they have paved paths as well making it accessibility friendly.

The Best View of Calgary at Night

Another place to get a great photo of Calgary is at Tom Campbell’s Hill.

You can get a variety of city skyline shots throughout the park during the daytime and at night.

Since the sun rises in front and sets behind the city at this lookout point. It’s a great place to capture Calgary at night or at dusk and dawn

You can find the best skyline and lookout point at this Google Maps Location

There’s no view from the car here. However, you can park on Hill Road NE and access the paved pathway system.

Calgary Skyline with Mountains

Capturing the Calgary skylines is a little tricky for two reasons. One, you have to find a good vantage point and two, you need a clear day so you can see the full mountain view.

A great place to get this image is at Tyndale Park. You can find the exact Google Maps Location here.

Places to Park Your Car With a View of Calgary

If you’re just looking to get a quick shot or a place to enjoy the view of the city from your car, there are a few places to do so. One is at 33 Ave SE just by Mission Road. This is a perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful city view from the comfort of your car.

Another lookout point is from Crescent Road NW, where you can enjoy the park and city view from your car.

Calgary is a beautiful city and has a lot of picturesque spots to admire. If you’re looking for a great place to capture the city’s skyline or just want to appreciate the view, take a quick trip to one of these spots.

Or, take multiple visits to these spots during the transitions of seasons and see how the city changes from being covered in a blanket of snow in winter to blossoming trees in the spring.

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