Professional Photography Services Calgary

Based in Calgary, Alberta but open to frequent travel; Vek Labs provides a wide range of photography services. Whether in the studio, on-site or areal we have you covered. We pride ourselves in being a nimble team of talented creatives, who can easily interpret your vision and craft the best visual possible for internal or external needs.

Professional Photography Services In Calgary:

The photographers at Vek Labs can help with corporate photography services, event photography, portraits, and more. We are known to deliver exceptional photos that showcase your project with professionalism and beauty.

The images that appear in your branding materials for your website, social media, and events play a role that is vitally important to your brand’s appearance. Using high-quality imagery is one of the first steps to catching your customer’s eye and engaging with them to potentially buy your company’s products or services. You can also increase your brand’s engagement on social media by utilizing professional photography and imagery. Our professional photographer services can help elevate your brand and bring an exciting look to elements of your company that you didn’t think were possible.

Our photographers utilize unique techniques to capture your business, brand, event, or portrait in a new light. Our packages showcase the different types of photos you can receive from us, and just one session with our photographers will show you how much we cater to our client’s needs and specialties. Take a look at some of the fine services we offer to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our Photographer Services We Specialize In:

Studio Photography:

Studio photography is a great option for companies and leaders looking for a contained, repeatable system to capture. Our team works alongside you to create the desired mood of your project. We then source the correct lighting from our inventory; secure bookings at the ideal vendor studio and execute your vision. This is a great option for businesses looking for new corporate headshots, team shots, and razor-focused media campaigns.

You can count on Vek Labs to provide an exceptional level of quality with our studio photography services. Your media campaigns will stand out from the rest of your competition, and your business shots will look amazing on your website and company material. Contact us for more information on packages and options for your studio photography session.

Product & E-Commerce Photography:

With the sheer amount of content online in this era, you need product photography that is custom, unique, and communicates meaning. Vek Labs’ has tenured experience capturing product photography for new e-commerce launches, online stores, and online campaigns. We first consult with your team and understand the vision for your project. Using a variety of lighting scenarios and camera setups we capture your content. Whether you are looking for an edgy all-black look, infinity white walls, neon punch dreamscapes… we have you covered. Your product will be looking its best… Always!

Vek Labs has a keen eye for creating invigorating and engaging imagery that makes your product stand out from the rest of the crowd. E-commerce site images are one of the most important parts involved with selling products online. Don’t let this aspect fall to the back of your playbook by using dull and plain images. Utilize Vek Labs' e-commerce photography services to make your products pop and excel within the online world of today!

Campaign / Government Relations Photography:

If you are in Government Relations or Public Relations industries you are painfully aware of the pressure involved in capturing and crafting the correct image. Leaders, delegates, and influencers have a lot on their shoulders. Most times you only have one shot… One chance to get the perfect photo. Vek Labs’ team has extensive experience in the political space crafting media for campaigns. We are well versed in the type of shots needed to propel candidates and leaders forward.

Aerial Photography:

Uniquely valuable to land developers, construction managers, and agricultural operations; aerial photography is the only option to capture the scope and scale of your initiative. As commercial drone pilots, our team is well versed in capturing imagery on-site without adding any hassle to your team’s dynamics or project milestones.

Event Photography:

Amidst the hustle and bustle of events; every event manager wants a partner that they can trust with capturing the emotive, collaborative, reveal, and launch images needed to show the impact of events. Our team assists you in measuring your KPI for successful event capture, sending all RAW files as needed, and editing the best photos for your team’s continued use.

Social Media Content Photography:

Make sure your audience is consistently engaged with the quality your brand stands for. The issue most businesses face when drafting social media campaigns is consistency. Before we start any social media photography project, we make sure we are prepared to capture more than enough options to get you up and running. Whether you are still posting weekly or daily, let’s work together to make brand images that foster pride and credibility for your business.

This is by no means a full list of the areas we provide photography services for. Please reach out to us and we would love to create a custom solution for you.

Equipment Our Photographers Use:

Vek Labs shoots on a wide range of Sony Professional Series cameras for all shoots. Use LED lighting setups with diffusion and texture strategies, we can provide most aesthetics you would like to achieve.

Delivery of Content:

We stand by our industry-leading commitment to prompt delivery of photos. Some projects call for 1-hour photo editing delivery, 24 hours or 1 month. We communicate with you well in advance of your project date and agree on the timing of content delivery. Say goodbye to the feeling of annoyance caused by delays or lack of clarity.