Video Pre-Production Services Calgary

Before filming or editing any project, the most important considerations will always materialize during the planning phase. Vek Labs stands by a focused pre-production process that ensures all crucial conversations and pain points have been addressed before hitting ‘record’.

For companies and people not in the film industry, the entire process can be a daunting and difficult experience. When looking at your budget, it’s important to consider hiring a professional video production team from pre-production to post-production. This will give your campaign its best shot at succeeding on whatever platform you decide on releasing it on— whether that be YouTube, TV, or social media.

Vek Labs video producers are talented in creating engaging scripts that will bring your vision to life and keep the user locked in throughout the entire video. You need to impress your viewers within the first 10-15 seconds of your video if you want to keep them there. Your opening shot needs to be impactful and drive emotion within the viewer. We will create a compelling story that keeps the user locked in throughout the duration of your video, and leave them looking to for more from buying a product/service, to visiting your website or tuning in to your video.

We manage your content creation by addressing the following areas:

The Planning Phase

Project Vision:

What is the scope and purpose of your production project? What are the milestones that your team wants to hit during the lifecycle of your content? At a high-level, our team intuits your vision and looks for any pain points that need to be addressed. Our team desires to be a humble and collaborative partner for your business. Once your vision has been realized, we move into more specific areas of planning your production.

Mood and Story:

Creative projects can be very subjective but they do not have to be unclear. During the pre-production process, we meet with your team to brainstorm. Establishing a clear vision around the mood of your production. What is the tone? Considerations we look at are: Emotive elements important for your brand, colour pallets, lighting aesthetics, and thematic refinement. Coherent story flow allows us to plan the necessary interview questions and acted scenes that will make your project successful.

The architectural design of your cinematic video begins with the core values of the theme and story you are trying to bring to your viewer’s attention. We will storyboard your content using your script’s outline to make sure every scene is geared towards your theme and brand image. We will tell you everything that you need to know about each and every scene so that we give your brand, product, or business the best shot it has after everything is completed.

By utilizing a company such as Vek Labs for the pre-production process, you will make sure that everyone is on the same page before the production process begins. This will save you time and money that could be wasted on poor planning and resources that could have been allocated elsewhere.

Resource Allocation:

Identifying the resources needed to turn your vision into reality is so important. We will source out the location for your video, find the right talent to showcase your story and utilize the best quality props and equipment available to bring your vision together. Together we will secure the right resources for your production:

Location Selection

Our team will carefully select the perfect spot to showcase your video in. Our team specializes in transforming studio settings into a brilliant space to capture the essence of your video campaign. Vek Labs also can source outdoor locations to film that capture the beauty and elegance of Alberta’s landscape from the Rocky Mountains to the prairies. We have some amazing drone equipment available to capture aerial footage that looks incredible. Permits are no problem at all, count on us to acquire the required documents to shoot with all kinds of filming equipment across the province.

Talent Selection

Vek Labs has a curated list of close partners that we work with that fit the needs of your production. Finding good talent can be troublesome to do on your own. You can rely on our professionals to find the perfect talent to bring your video together. Our extensive network is at your disposal, instead of looking for actors across different platforms that can eat up precious time and resources. Let us take care of any auditions needed to find the right cast for your video.

Props and equipment

Every video requires different props and equipment to get the job done. From selecting vehicles to the staging equipment - Vek Labs can help get the job done within your budget and timeline.

The Shotlist:

Having defined all resources and elements for your production, our photography team submits a shot list to communicate what will be captured during the filming and capture process. This will help your team determine if your video is going as planned or needs some adjustments. Our shot lists tell you what to expect during the filming process, and allow you to see the projected path of your project before filming.

Ready to Film:

We believe in the creation of an excellent plan. Having rallied together towards measurable benchmarks for your projects success we then go to work and film to make your videos come to life. Our pre-production process ensures that the end product you receive is exactly what you asked for. Allow us to bring your vision to the eyes of viewers across whatever platform you desire!