Post-Production Services Calgary

Post-Production Services

Your project really comes together in the editing booth! From the sequencing of footage to soundscapes, colour treatment, SFX, and Motion Graphics. Looking for an editing team to make your content goals happen? Vek Labs is in your corner!

Our creative team will take your raw footage and transform it into amazing branded video content that will inspire and engage your viewers. We can take care of any type of raw footage that you have, and create an amazing piece of art that looks like it’s from the big leagues. Vek Labs offers video editing services to Calgary and across the province of Alberta. Some of our video editing services include motion graphics, color-correction, sound design, and story-based editing.

Video Editing Services

Vek Labs has provided video editing services for hundreds of clients and our teams are experts in their craft. Our expertise has allowed us to work on pieces for corporate companies, large brands, and businesses of any size. We offer a full range of video editing and post-production services that can help excel the quality of your content drastically. Our editing team is ready to give your campaign world-class quality content and post-production edits efficiently and within your budget.

Why Choose Vek Labs Post-Production Services?

Vek Labs is built from the expertise of our creative teams, with hundreds of projects under our belt, we can give you the proper experience required to tackle large projects head first. We pride ourselves on being able to take a client’s footage and turn it into the content they have always dreamed of. Our passion is strong and our knowledge is powerful. We will not stop until you receive the project you envisioned in all of its glory! We love what we do, and provide a straight-forward process to our customers that is transparent and trustworthy. You can depend on Vek Labs to get the job done right, on time, and within your budget.

One of our biggest strengths is taking care of inefficiencies in our client’s marketing campaigns. These inefficiencies can cost you thousands of dollars and tons of time. In order to properly scale its highly recommended that you seek the services of a professional video editing company to take care of your project.

A trustworthy creative team is hard to find that has the proper experience to get you the content your business needs for its platform. The professionals at Vek Labs are here to help with that and take your campaigns to new heights!

Story-Based Editing:

Consulting your overall vision, we focus on the best selections that were captured during the filming process. Interview selects, B-Roll sequences, and acted scenes are all webbed together to get a rough draft ready for review.

This will encapsulate your vision and create a compelling story that brings life to the idea you first had all that time ago. Our mindset is all about creating a video that truly speaks to the idea and theme of your content. Proper storytelling is everything in the digital landscape of today. Videos continue to be the number 1 piece of content that users across the globe interact and engage with. By putting extra effort into the story of your video and hiring a creative team like ours for the editing process you can create a masterpiece that is loved around the world!

Voiceover Work:

Either in-house or sourcing other vocal talents for your commercial, we focus on capturing the correct tone and pronunciation for your video project. It is amazing what can happen when the right voice speaks for your brand!

Our techniques and talent are at your disposal to help bring a new voice to your video. We have a keen ear for voiceovers and will make sure that you are satisfied with the voice of your brand.

Sound and Music:

Our team and partners can provide either commercial-use music and soundscapes or custom scores from award-winning musicians. Music and sound is perhaps the biggest attribute to emotional impact within any video. Our team is not satisfied until we really ‘feel’ the production.

This emotional impact will be felt throughout your viewers and draw them in just as much as the video itself. Humans are auditory creatures that rely on audio cues to tell them information at all times. Utilize this sense to help drive emotion and engagement with your audience.

Colour Grading:

Using either Adobe or Davinci Resolve software; our team is skilled in colour grading for social media or other distribution avenues. Cool tones, or warm sunshine visuals— colouring frames are so important for the overall look and feel of your video.

Colour grading is another key factor to increasing emotional engagement within your viewer. Remember, the number one thing creative teams like ours strive to do is create an emotional impact within whoever watches our videos. By utilizing colour grading techniques, you set the tone for the rest of your video and create an immediate impact within the viewer’s mind.

Motion Graphics:

Overlay elements for commercials, ads, or longer video productions provide more visual communication for your audience. Logo elements, icons, transitions, and other effects can take your production to another level. These are often some of the most compelling and exciting components of your video besides the actual footage involved. Don’t let your video lack the necessary animations needed to make your elements pop and drive engagement throughout the video.

Motion graphics create an entirely new tone for your video and can be used to do nearly anything within the video. Vek Labs utilizes motion graphics elements to create strong videos that look like they belong in the Hollywood big-leagues. Transforming your footage one graphical element at a time!


Our editorial team comes from a graphic design background. Selection of the perfect typefaces for your brand or video campaign is crucial. In a subtle way, it provides clarity to your brand. An important part when polishing a production.

VEK Guarantee:

When specified, we deliver a RAW video render of all usable content to you within 24 hours of filming at no additional cost.

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