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How To Create A Successful Video Campaign

Video campaigns are a ton of work. They require a strong team, the right equipment, a meticulous strategy, and a compelling story.

Undertaking this venture can be quite stressful and costly if done incorrectly. It’s important to follow a set of instructions and priorities when going through the creation of your videos.

Vek Labs helps our clients succeed in their video campaigns, and has a strong history of achieving this through our workflow strategy. We are writing this article to help you understand the methods you should use when coming up with an idea for your next video campaign.

We will walk you through some of the core principles that video marketers follow when they are determining how to structure a video marketing campaign. So without further ado, this is our guide on how to create a successful video campaign for your company!

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The First 10 Seconds To A Minute Are The Most Important Part

Studies have shown that 20% of viewers stop watching your video and click away to something else within the first 10 seconds of viewing your video. This number grows even larger at the minute mark, where about 45% of viewers stop watching your video!

It’s crucial to captivate your viewers in this timeframe. You need to show them the ‘money shot’, give them a reason to stay, and continue watching your video. If this step isn’t done correctly, your ROI for your video campaign will be much less than you thought.

A few tips to keep the introduction to your video simple and to the point:

Keep the effects to a minimum

overloading the viewer with extensive animations and effects can only go so far. Keep your intro free of animated fluff that doesn’t serve a distinct purpose. Or keep these intros to only a few seconds. We want to get right to the point of the video right away.

Better yet, create an intro describing the point of the video, then lead into a cool set of animations to keep the user intrigued after they have decided to continue watching.

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Don’t Spend Time Talking About Yourself/Company

When you are trying to promote a product with video, you can’t spend time talking about your company. When we take a look at cult classic commercials such as Oxiclean or the Shamwow, do they spend any time talking about who they are? Not really. They get right to the point of their product straight away! These companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into their campaigns, and they only have a few minutes to try and sell you. The first 10 seconds are where they lock you in and keep you there for the duration of the commercial.

Meaningful Storytelling and How To Engage Your Audience

Telling a story to your audience goes a long way in video marketing. This is how marketing teams can extend their reach into a viewer’s heart and resonate within them.

Strong storytelling is a gift, and your videos should be striving to not just showcase a product, but tell a story about it that sticks with your audience at the same time.

Here are a few tips to creating a great story with your videos:

Create An Emotional Impact

Creating an emotional connection goes hand-in-hand with great storytelling! By tugging on the heartstrings of your audience, you create a memorable experience that will stay with them much longer than some trivial product advertisement.

For an example check out this advertisement from Adidas about ‘breaking free’ from your constraints:

Guide Them Through The Story

Along with creating an emotional impact, we need to guide the viewer through the video so that they absorb the information we want them to.

If we involve too many elements in our videos, you risk the viewer getting lost in the action. We need to be able to convey distinct meanings to our scenes and hope that the viewer reciprocates these internal meanings.

Creating a flashy video that entertains the viewer but still leaves them absent-minded to the point of the video is a failure. We must hold the hand of the viewer, guiding them through our story and showcasing the strengths of our product/brand that we are promoting.

Keep your video free of distractions that take away from the point of the video first and foremost.

Highlight The Strengths Of Your Product/Brand In Intuitive Ways

At the end of the day, we are here to showcase a product, brand, or company that has something to provide to the viewer. In order to best do this, we need to showcase our strengths and highlight them throughout the video in compelling ways.

One way to do this is through humor, such as Old Spice has done throughout the years with their bathroom product commercials. Almost anyone can tell you about the absurdity of Old Spice commercials. But they get their message across quickly and effectively.

Just take a look at the Old Spice Terry Crews collaborations from a few years back:

Here are a few tips for coming up with ways to highlight product/brand strengths:

Find A Unique Way To Showcase Your Product

Odds are, the product you are trying to sell isn’t the first to hit the market. It’s very rare nowadays that a completely new product or service is being introduced to your audience.

Finding a unique standing point for your product can be the turning point for your video becoming a cult classic or being a complete failure online. So think hard on this one. How can you create a whole new outlook for your product based on how you present it to your audience? How can you make the audience think your product is any better than the competition based on a simple video?

These are questions that you and your team need to answer in order to make yourself stand out from the rest.

Dollar Shave Club did a magnificent job highlighting their products in their amazing advertisements.

I don’t know, something about men’s shaving product advertisements that just stick with me…


Creating a successful video campaign is something every marketer DREAMS of. To instill the values of their brand, and the strengths of their product into the hearts of millions spells success in the marketing world larger than any text ad or blog could ever do! But it’s not as simple as 1,2,3 dollar-dollar bills y’all… it requires an immense amount of planning, strategizing, and the consultation of video and film experts. Luckily, Vek Labs has the experience you need to help create a successful video campaign.

If you are struggling to come up with compelling ideas, and manage a team to complete a video that resonates with your viewers— you are in the right place! Contact Vek Labs today to talk with us about how we can make your product ROCK the online WORLD!

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Andrew founded Vek Labs December 2017 with a clear mandate to bring cinematic visuals to the corporate and documentary space. Prior to Vek Labs, Andrew worked as a designer for over 10 years focusing on UX/UI, branding, editorial and audio production, Andrew lived in Rome, Italy, working as a marketing consultant for a variety of non-profits and institutions; including the Holy See. He is most passionate about seeing video productions and musical scores synthesize into unique stories.