Lab Reports


The 5 Best Calgary Skyline Photo Spots

October 22, 2020

Edit With the blend of modern architecture and nature’s beauty, the city of Calgary offers a unique subject for a photograph. There are many viewpoints and hidden gems where you can capture some of the best skyline views of Calgary’s distinctive beauty. In this article, we’re sharing some of Calgary’s most famous photographers' secret spots for taking the best skyline photo of Calgary. Highlighting the Saddledome If you’re looking to get a great shot of the Saddledome, Scotsman’s Hill in Ramsay is the best spot.

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7 Basic Rules for Taking Great Photos

October 21, 2020

1. Fill the Frame/Cropping Busy backgrounds and surroundings can take away the impact of your photo. To fix this, simply crop tightly around your main subject and point of focus in the photo. When doing this, the attention is solely on the subject of the photo and not on the background. This is especially helpful for portrait photos and when you are trying to capture an intimate focus or are taking photos in a busy location.

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VEKCAST: Working On Passion Projects

July 29, 2020

Passion projects tend to be most important for creatives! It reminds us why we started creating in the first place and lights fires to do even more great work! Filmmaker Ryan Bouman talks about the lengths he had to go to fulfill a passion project he’s worked on. Ryan Bouman’s Website: Full Podcast Instagram YouTube

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VEKCAST: How to get started in the Film Industry

July 16, 2020

Shae shares his journey on his beginnings in film and gives tips on how to get started in the film industry! Shae Paterson is a Canadian Director of Photography with over 8 years professional experience in the industry. He has worked with a variety of companies including Google, CBC, Rogers Media, GMC, Bell Media, The United Nations and many more. Shae Paterson’s Website: Full Podcast Instagram YouTube

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VEKCAST: Finding Your Voice As A Videographer

June 30, 2020

Great insight by Ryan on the journey to finding your voice and style within the film making. From keeping up with the latest video trends to searching deep within to pull out what you’re really passionate about in video production, the process of finding your voice in film is a journey! Ryan Bouman’s Website: Full Podcast Instagram YouTube

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10 Best Locations to Film and Photoshoot In Calgary

May 21, 2020

We have all seen those amazing photos and videos capturing iconic scenes of Calgary, Alberta. Whether along the Bow River, in one of the many urban cores, or heading towards the mountains. Location scouting is an important part of creating engaging content that will resonate with viewers. Our team has selected some popular and hidden gems worth exploring in Calgary for your next video production, or photoshoot: Outdoor Locations East Village Square East Village is a happening area where hip eateries, indie music venues, galleries, and clothing stores fill converted warehouses.

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