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Corporate Video 12/19/20

How To Create A Strong Corporate Video Production

Creating a strong corporate video for your company or organization can be a tough job. It requires some careful planning, proper execution, and the right team to pull it off successfully.

These types of videos are used for a number of reasons, from safety and instructional videos to brand awareness. At Vek Labs, we have worked with a number of companies to produce top-notch corporate videos that appeal to their respective audiences. In this blog post, we will go over some of the key factors you should consider when planning your corporate videos.

What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are videos produced by a company or organization. These productions can be made for training purposes, investor relations, product advertisements, and brand awareness. These are some of the most common reasons why companies are creating these videos.

Strong, successful companies across the world are utilizing the power of video to help communicate their ideas, products, and mission statements to a much broader audience.

Why Corporate Videos Work

Typically, most consumers would rather watch a short video than read a blog post. Don’t get me wrong here, blogs are still a powerful tool (and cost much less than a video to produce) but nothing is as impactful as a well-crafted video production done by professionals.

Brand awareness videos are extremely powerful if done correctly.

DWK Brand Awareness Video - Example

These videos can help extend the expertise and authority of your brand while bringing in new potential customers and catch the eye of people who were maybe not sold on your brand the first time around.

The amount of people who retain information through video versus text content is dramatic. A report done by Forbes Magazine, says viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video format versus a 10% retention rate in a text format. In order to truly establish your brand within the minds of your consumers, it is imperative that you start producing video content that appeals to your audience.

How To Create a Strong Corporate Video

It’s no easy task to accomplish, but with the right team, message, and ideas, your company can create a strong corporate video that’s right up there with the big leagues.

Step #1 - Determine the purpose of your corporate video

To get started, we need to decide what the overall purpose of the video is. Is it for training purposes? Brand awareness? Investor relations?

Once we determine the purpose, we can begin brainstorming using this as a basis to generate ideas and formulate a plan. It is also keen to narrow down your audience to your target demographic.

For example, investor relations videos should send an important message about the current state of a company or product. It’s important to highlight these things intuitively throughout the video. We also don’t want to keep the investor watching a video for longer than it’s needed. Make sure to create a video that accentuates your message and is clear to the audience of its purpose. We don’t want to overdo things here.

Step #2 - Create an Emotional Impact

Any video or film company will tell you this. Your production must strike an emotion in some way or else the video has failed its purpose. Humans are emotional creatures, and we make most of our decisions through emotion alone subconsciously.

When we look at successful examples of other corporate videos, what type of emotions did they target? How strong was the emotion you felt when you watched it? How can you emulate this in your own videos? That is entirely up to you and your production team.

Once you figure out how to use the different tools, footage, and materials at your disposal to create a proper emotional impact in your audience, you will see your views skyrocket!

Step #3 - Combine Visual Storytelling with High-Quality Audio

It is extremely important to include professional audio and spoken word in your presentations. By offering just a flashy video, the information may be lost or not retained as well as you thought.

We need to incorporate strong spoken word elements into the video to help captivate the audience and keep them engaged both visually and audibly.

One way a production team can do this is through high-quality recording equipment and expert knowledge in the art of audio. A professional company is needed for this type of expertise and production equipment, so it is highly recommended that you contact one right away to discuss your video.

Step #4 - Distributing Your Video

After your video is complete and ready to go… it’s now time to distribute to the masses! Take into consideration the different avenues in which you can advertise and distribute your video. From YouTube, and other social media platforms, to traditional TV advertising methods, you have many different options to choose from.

It’s important to think about the best way to reach your target audience. If you are trying to reach a younger demographic then social media is probably your go-to medium. Older generations are still deeply embedded in cable and you might see a greater return by going for a more traditional style like TV/cable advertising.

Ultimately, the world is your oyster. Proper diligence is key when deciding how to distribute your video. Do the research, determine the audience, master the method, and release your video into the wild! If you need any help to decipher these key factors, maybe it’s time to consult with your team or contact a professional marketing company.


Creating a corporate video can be quite a journey. It takes time, effort, expertise, and the right team to get it done. In order to avoid wasting precious dollars and time on a video that results in nothing, it is crucial to look into hiring the right company for the job. Vek Labs is prepared and experienced enough to handle your corporate video. We are an award-winning video production company with the portfolio to back us up. Feel free to contact us by phone or email anytime.